Over the past few months we’ve been following a series of Bible chapters from the book of Acts, related to the life of Paul and how he turned, from a powerful persecutor of Christians, to a brave missionary and the apostle whose letters make up most of the new testament.

The chapters we read were:

  1. Acts 9: His dramatic conversion
  2. Acts 13: His first missionary journey
  3. Acts 14: Mission accomplished
  4. Acts 16: Jailbreak in Philippi
  5. Acts 26: Witnessing to a king
  6. Acts 27: Shipwrecked
  7. Acts 28: Mission in Rome

After reading through each chapter we tried imagining what it must have felt like to witness it first-hand, as it happened at the time, and tried to bring relevant parts into a modern context we could relate to directly. This usually lead to sharing and some interesting discussions.