During the summer we met for a six week series on the “I am” statements found in the book of John. Each week Andrea led us in a discussion of the week’s passage.

  1. I am the bread of life: John 6:35
  2. I am the light of the world: John 8:12 & John 9:5
  3. I am the good shepherd: John 10:7 & John 10:14
  4. I am the resurrection and the life: John 11:25
  5. I am the way, the truth, and the life: John 14:6
  6. I am the true vine: John 15:1

We talked about the radical statements Jesus made and the themes that ran throughout them including all life comes from Jesus and it is through Jesus that we can live the fullest life and one day get to heaven.

We also took time to pray for one another and enjoy summer in the park.